VLRCS System Compatibility Requirements


Please be aware that, in order to use VLRCS, your equipment must meet or exceed the following software and hardware requirements:


  1. A computer operating Windows XP, Windows 7 or higher, or a MAC with Internet access;
  2. Internet browser software such as Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, or Chrome® (see the Introduction tab of the VLRCS application for more details);
  3. Compatibility View for Internet Explorer should not be turned on;
  4. Adobe Reader® or equivalent software to view Portable Document Format (PDF) documents (PDF reader software is free and downloadable from various websites); and
  5. The correct security settings, on the computer, that allow it to accept cookies from the VLRCS.


Software and Hardware Maintenance


You are responsible for ensuring that your equipment is suitable for connecting to the internet and that it has the minimum system and software requirements to use and operate VLRCS. 

In addition, you are responsible for access and connectivity to the Internet, your relationship with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and any telephone or other connection and all service fees associated with such access.