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This is the Online Case Information System for general district courts in Virginia. There is a general district court in each city and county in Virginia, and this System will require you to search by individual court. To begin your search for a case, select the general district court from the drop-down menu to the left. You can search for cases using the plaintiff or defendant’s name, the case number, or the hearing date. Use the links below the court drop-down menu to select the search method.

Information on service of process and reports due in a case is available when entered into the Case Information System by the general district court. You may search for information on service of process in a case, such as a summons or subpoena, by entering the name of the person served. If the general district court enters this information into the System, it will be found under “Service/Process” in the “Case Details” of your search results. Information related to "Reports" in a civil case, such as a bill of particulars or grounds of defense, will be available under “Reports” when entered into the System by the general district court.

Please note that information regarding the following types of cases is not available through the General District Court Online Case Information System: protective orders (e.g., emergency protective orders, preliminary protective orders, and protective orders), civil commitment proceedings (e.g., emergency custody orders, temporary detention orders, and involuntary commitments), and medical emergency custody and temporary detention orders.

For information on making an online payment, please read "How to Pay Traffic Tickets and Other Offenses." Additional information for help with searches is accessible through the icon in the upper right hand corner of each screen. Help

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