Newport News Circuit Court Juror Portal

Welcome to the Newport News Circuit Court Juror Portal. I am Angela F. Reason, the Clerk of Court. You are likely visiting this page because you have received a Jury Questionnaire in the mail from my office. In accordance with Virginia law, your name was randomly selected from DMV and Voter Registration Records as a prospective juror for the Newport News Circuit Court. The response that you and other citizens of Newport News provide is gathered to obtain a list of potential jurors. If you are qualified, you may be summoned for Jury Duty within the next year.

For efficiency and convenience, you may provide your answers to the questionnaire electronically through the Juror Portal. To enter the Juror Portal and complete the Jury Questionnaire, please insert your personal information in the fields below. Thank you for fulfilling your Civic Duty by responding to the Jury Questionnaire. Your service is greatly appreciated!

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