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This is the Appellate Case Management System (ACMS-SCV) for the Supreme Court of Virginia. Case Information may be searched by entering a SCV Record # or a combination of the following search criteria:

  • Name (Last, First)
  • Case Type
  • Lower Tribunal
  • Tribunal Case #

To access the system, click on the "ACMS-SCV" button.  Once you have completed your search, click on "Logout" on the menu bar to log off the system.  To return to the Supreme Court of Virginia (SCV) page, click on the "SCV Page" button.

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Please read the Disclaimer about this system.

Using the ACMS-SCV System

The ACMS-SCV system was designed to be used with newer Web browsers. Version 6 or higher of Internet Explorer or version 3 or higher of Firefox is required. The Web browser must be set to accept cookies.

If the system is idle for a significant amount of time, the system will time out.

Please observe the following when using this system:

  • Do not use the Web browser's "Back" button to move between panels of the ACMS-SCV system.
  • Do not bookmark any of these pages and then try to return to a specific page later.

This system is unavailable nightly from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. while maintenance is performed.


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